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The Wish Thieves on sale now!

Blue Dot Books is releasing The Wish Thieves, book one of the Nathanial Thatcher Series today. You can get the book at Amazon in either Paperback or Kindle edition. The book is also available for order from most major booksellers and at a few other online sites. iBooks and Audible versions will be following soon.

The Nathanial Thatcher series was chosen because it meets our mission statement in spades. The main character is a 12 year old boy with a great heart, caring nature, and strong will and determination. The book shows Nathanial struggle with a moral dilemma and against a corrupt society. In the end it will be up to him to both be fair and outsmart his adversaries. The book also has undertones of conservation, and resource management.

The real draw though is that the book is foremost a fun adventure that tweens and adults can experience together. The mission of Blue Dot Books is to entertain while more subtly presenting good examples of socially responsible behavior, and this book does that without a doubt.

We hope you enjoy The Wish Thieves and promise it is only the beginning of an epic adventure.

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