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Let Us Join You On Your Thanksgiving Travels

Sprite Altered Transportation

This Thanksgiving, join Nathanial Thatcher on his journey with the sprites while you undertake yours (yes you have sprites on you too). The drive to a relatives house can often be one of the most dreaded parts of Thanksgiving, but with an audiobook that the whole family can enjoy together, it can be one of the best. Here is a chance to listen to a story with your family and be able to discuss it. You have a captive audience and a few hours with nothing to do but imagine together.

The Wish Thieves is about 4 hours long and is narrated by Tara Sands, the talented voice of many of your favorite Pokemon, Yugioh, and Digimon characters. Her performance (definitely performed, not just read) of the book is a brilliant, upbeat, well paced one and enjoyable for children and adults alike. If you weren't listening to it in the car you'd give her a standing ovation (remember not to try it 'cause you'll hit your head)!

The story of Nathanial Thatcher has underlying social value and strong role models, but mostly it is a lighthearted and fun adventure that will allow you to explore the world through a different perspective. Inspired by the authors own travels, many of the amazing places you find in this story are based on real locations.

Nathanial Thatcher is "living in a bubble", well actually, a sterilized room, that helps to reduce his symptoms from a weak immune system and incurable cough. He has spent most of the last twelve years of his life stuck in that room, but on his birthday that all changes when he discovers the sprites that have been keeping him sick all his life. Now he must join Boss, Bunny, and Phlegm as they journey through town, city, wilderness and sea (yes through sea.. on a submarine- it's not a typo) to meet his wish sprite and fight for his future health.

You can buy the Audiobook from iTunes, Amazon, or Audible. You can even get it for FREE if you are a new Audible Member! Get it now and make your Journey a memorable one!

...and when it comes time for your Christmas travels you'll be ready for Book 2 - The Hyperion Secret (Coming Soon)!

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